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label namba
lake raunwara
lamb pikinini bilong sipsip
lamp lam
lance a boil katim buk
laplap laplap
lard gris bilong pik
large traipela
last bihain tru
late (behind time) later bihaintaim or taim i lus
later on bihain
laugh lap
laundry haus bilong wasim klos
laundry (clothes) klos was
law lo
lawnmower mowa
lawyer loia, loya, loman, saveman long lo
laxative solmarasin
lay (something) down slipim
lead (vb) go pas long
leaf doba
leaf money from Milne Bay province lip, lip bilong diwai
learn lainim
learn about lain
learned person man bilong save
least, at liklik tru
leather shoes su let
leave (place) lusim
leave behind larim
left kais
left hand han kais, lep han, lephan
leftovers hap kaikai bilong asde
leg paspas bilong lek
leg band lek
leg, lower lek daunbilo, lek tamblo
leg, upper lek antap
lemon muli
lemonade limonad, muliwara, loliwara
let, allow larim
letter pas, leta
letter (character) rait
lettuce letis
liar man bilong giaman, giamanman
licence laisens, pemit
lick likim
lie (n) giaman
lie down slip
lie to giamanim
lift (vb) liptimupim
light lait
light (colour) kamapim lait
light (gas) tulait
light (weight) i no hevi
light the lamp ston masis
lighter (cigarette) laita
lighter (flint) sigaret laita
lightning save laik
like olsem, olsem long
like (doing something) klaut i lait
like, as muliwara
lime (powder) muli
lime juice, lemon drink kambang
lime spatula laikim
lime, lemon stik kambang
line lain
lipstick pen bilong maus
listen harim
litre lita
little liklik
live (reside) stap
liver lewa
living person laipman
lizard palai
loaf of bread bret
loafer, lazy man lesbaga
loan lon
local language tok ples
local language, first language tok ples
lock (n) lok
lock (vb) lokim
lock door lokim dua
lock up, imprison kalabusim
loincloth laplap
lolly, candy loli
long long, longpela
long (size) longpela
long (time), long ago longpela taim
long house (Highlands) haus lain
long walk sock(s) longsok(s)
longer than bipo tru
longest longpela mo
longest of all longpela long olgeta
look longpela winim olgeta
look after luk, lukluk
look at wanpes
look for painim
look out! lukaut!
look-alike lukautim
loose lus, slek
loosen, slacken slekim, lusim
lose lusim
lost lus
lot, a planti
loud strong
loudmouth man bilong bikmaus
louse laus
love laikim
low daun
low tide tait i slek
luck kas
lucky (card game) laki
lunch liklik kaikai or belo
lungs wetliva, lang
Lutheran luteran
lying down slip
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