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a, an wanpela
abandon lusim
abort, have abortion rausim bel, kilim pikinini long bel
about (a place) (round) nabaut (long)
about, approximately samting
above antap long
accelerator akselareta
accident birua, tupela i bam, bagarap
accuse (someone) sutim long tok
acquaintance poro, poroman
acquitted winim kot
address adres
address (letter) adresim
adhesive/sticking plaster plasta
adult bikpela man
advertisement toksave
aerogramme leta pas
aeroplane, airplane balus
affines tambu
afraid pret
after, afterwards bihain, bihain long
afternoon apinun
again gen
against i go long
aggressive person man bilong pait
agree yesa
agreement wanbel
agricultural officer didiman
air (n) win
air conditioner win masin
air mail mel long balus
airplane, aeroplane balus
airport ples balus, epot
alive i gat laip
all olgeta
all right orait
all sorts of kainkain
allow larim
almost klostu
alone wanpela tasol
along long
already yet
also tu
altar alta, tebol tambu
altar cloth laplap bilong alta
although maski
always oltaim
ambiguous (be) karamapim tok
among namel long
ancestors tumbuna
anchor anka
and na
angel ensel
angry kros
angry with, be krosim
animal abus
annoy hambak
annoying person hambakman, sikibaga
annul a marriage katim maritnarakain
another one (different) narakain
another one (more) narapela
answer ansaim, bekim tok
antiseptic marasin bilong kilim jem, marasin bilong klinim sua
anus as
apart from abrus long; longwe liklik long
apartment rum
appear in court sanap long kot
approximately samting, samting olsem
April Epril
area, place Hap
areca nut buai, bilinat, bitolnat
areca palm limbum, limbung
arm han
arm band paspas bilong han
arm, upper han antap
armpit sangana
army ami
around nabaut
arrive kamap, kamap long
arrow supia bilong banara
arrow or spear, barbed supia I gat huk
arrow, pronged supsup bilong banara
art samting tumbuna
art gallery haus tambaran
artery mambu bilong blut
artificial man i wokim
as long as longpela olsem
as soon as stret long taim
ascend go antap
ash(es) sit bilong paia
ask askim
at long
attempt traim
August Ogas
aunt, paternal bikmama, smolmama, kandere
Australia Austrelia
avoid abrusim
awake i na slip
axe akis
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